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Not that I wish more work on Krishna Winston
But t'is beyond me why Farar, Straus appears to have failed, so far,
 to contract for


   a book, or description of a film-opera
as it might be called
that is superior to the subsequent
lazy, entirely self-referential, formalistically incoherent
- it mixes the utterly over-complete tour-de-force with shop left overs -
 ultra-show-offy, lousy in-jokes
lying where
for once honesty
- "facing" of which Kali makes a really big deal -
really counts,
facilely stitched, hotch-potch MORAWIAN NIGHT
unfinished by the standard of NOMANS-BAY or DEL GREDOS
  yet has stretches of some of the most amazing writing
Handke or anyone for that matter has ever done:
  a hey-hay-day for post-menstrualists!

Only those entirely besotted by Handke
  especially Lothar Struck
entpippt sich als ein Anbeter
who censors and cannot conduct an argument
but also Scott Abbott
otherwise bothoh reasonably intel
ligent folk
lose their critical intelligence
though Handke makes it very clear that
he's not "the one"
Nein, keine traurige Geschichte.
Eine schöne. Eine sehr schöne. Aus der Zeit, als das Schreiben noch geholfen hat

  As we ignore that in this entirely self-referential self-celebratory Sammelsurium
the author finally owns up to a famous accusation that he nearly killed a girlfriend,
[he might have made a list of them]
 and then
knocks off her head in an imaginary act of vengefulness
while lying about the reasons
and left his first girlfriend it appears with child behind in the island of Krk...
that delight of women, Peter Handke, great writer, monstrum!
who is now writing himself in
KALIinto a Tristan and Iseult frame of mind.
Struck, Lothar turns out to be one of those HM Enzensberger has in mind with
this Cutty Sark:
»Erst hat sie Hesse gelesen, dann Handke / Jetzt löst sie Silbenrätsel.«

The matter that our genius writer of prose, superior to either Flaubert or Goethe,
  needs to be defended against what idiots and hired guns
like Hubert Spiegel [in the F.A.Z.] or  Neil Gordon [hard to believe that that non-reader
is actually head of a writing program and at the New School!]
- I quote a long passage from one of his novels in the piece
to show what that cunt does as a writer -
or great humanists like Michael McDonald of The American [Imperialist] Interest
or fuddy duddies like Robby Wilson of The American Scholar,
and sweet Mutton Dutton of "artsdaily' grazing with the sheep down under
-who can only find McDonald to inform his readers of what Handke's stock rating is-
goes without too much saying.
Also do a search for Handke among the New York Times Book Reviews
also the dail
although their archive only starts with 1981 and yields incomplete results:
it is something to behold what utter nonsense pens such as
Kukuyami, Birketts, Lee Siegel, creep Neil Gordon
and others deliver themselves of
Actually, aside William Gass's outstanding piece on the L.A. Book Review of Noman's-Bay
and good enough pieces early on by Frank Kermode, Richard Gilman, Frank Conroy,
Michael Wood and John Rockwell and a Canadian Novelist reviewing Del Gredos in the Washington Post
better than merely serviceable, good enough, not great
it is pretty much of  a desert and the best review I read was
one line in the Chicago Tribune, reviewing The Ride Across Lake Constance
"Describe your Experience."
And of course monstrosities elicited as vengeance, spanking for Handke's position
the major tantrum Mr. Tourette tossed
on the disintegration of Yugoslavia

and our
exhibitionistic Autistic Genius's explosions
invariably newsworthy.

However, it is not doing Handke or his work any good
to conspire with him in his scotomizations
to fail to see Moravian's numerous faults and the author's several ugly personal traits;
fortunately his good sides make up for the downsides
look at this great interview

but also at this most valid charge
or abide, despite the extraordinary reporting job he does in CUCKOOS OF VELICA HOCA
[hear hear! the despiser of journalists does a better job than any of them!
at least within his purview
and does so despite residual fury at the injustice done to the Serbians]
in his obstinate allegiance to Serbian nationalism
or the belief that the Serbians are the only ones who suffered
an injustice when each of those tribes suffered and committed
ever since the Croatian Ustacha went into business with Hitler
where a role of Peace Maker and Conciliator would be more
fitting for the future Nobel Literature Laureate!

I will of course read MORAVIAN NIGHT a third time in a few years
when the translation is completed
chiefly to see whether I was hallucinating when several
sections made me tremor reading his sheer writing
or I had the apprehension that classical prose procedures had
turned into stride piano!

I discuss, now all three books, at:
and welcome comments

[dem handke auf die schliche/besuch auf dem Moenchsberg, a book of mine about Handke]
[the  American Scholar caused controversy about Handke, reviews, detailed of Coury/ Pilipp's THE WORKS OF PETER HANDKE, the psycho-biological monograph/ a note on Velica Hoca/ ]
with three photo albums, to wit:
contains an in depth piece on the US Handke reception
which provides a kind of snapshot of such, a good cross section of innelectual [g.h.w. bush] life as any
for the past 40 years

For someone like me who is anything but a generalist who focussed on one writer at a time
in nearly complete depth

Faulkner Freshman, at the end of Sophomore I looked like Kafka,
in Berlin it was Brecht and Lukacs,

there were years of Pound and Joyce, of Musil
someone like Handke is "gefundenes Fressen"
at least one book a year

the guy doesn't repeat himself
he turns out not to to be just a genius
but one of the great psychoanalytic cases
my "Wounded Love Child..." is
so what would I have done without him all these years? [some handke material, too, the Milosevic controversy summarized]
Making friends right and left

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